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Friday, 11 December 2009

Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo

For A laugh and joke on the topic please follow this link to a documentary song of jollity and fun that enumerates all the things that have gone wrong with me this year.

"Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo"


  1. Hey Roger, this is your cousin speaking. I am moved by your story. I have only ever heard musings and half truths so I'm glad I have the picture from the artist's hand. My compassion and good wishes are springing your way. I have never had UC (although always a 'bad' gut!) but I have had major surgery. I had a laminectomy, a fusing of the vertebrae in my spine. I was in agony for years and I remember waking after the surgery and the miracle of painlessness. It took me a while to trust my spine not to break when I started walking around but that was twenty years ago now and I have never had a problem since. Happy ending! I found the care from the specialists mind blowing. I actually felt loved in hospital and didn't want to go home!!!!! I wish you the very best outcome from your surgery and years of creative and 'devil may care' life thereafter. With much love. Dena

  2. Dearest Cuz

    I;m writing this a long time after you wrote. Life is OK, and although I never felt loved I felt OK and that I was in really good hands.

    Retrospectively thank you for reading and writing. I am glad your journey ended well.

    We may even meet again one day at some family do. That would be good.


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