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Monday, 27 August 2012

An expert view on reversal surgery

 Should I jump?

I recently wrote to my surgeon to get more information about the pros and cons of reversal surgery. Here's his reply:

Dear R. Sole

In brief

Average frequency 7-8 X / day but able to defer defecation until convenient. Some people (probably less than half) still get up at night.

Overall satisfaction rate after pouch surgery =85%  (definitions are very woolly though)

The quality of life in people who have had a failed pouch procedure is measurably less good than it was before they had the pouch procedure

“Failure” (again definitions are very woolly) rate is approximately 10%
Would it be helpful to meet in clinic?

I can answer all these questions

There is extensive medical literature to draw from. However the difficulty with all such statistics is that they hold no predictive power.
Best wishes

Man with knife in green pyjamas.


  1. I can't make an educated reply, but we are all watching you expectantly. Our little Ark guinea pig. I am sending hope your way through the clouds.

    1. I anin't ben called little for yonks! Ta ever so.


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