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Sunday, 20 December 2009

High Anxiety

I have to admit to some moments of very high anxiety in anticipation of Tuesday, I suppose you would a fool or psychopathic if you did not. What can you do to minimise the pre-op nerves?

Of course it is not something that has physical form so the stone age body that we have is at a loss for a response to the surges of adrenaline. So going to the gym for a good pedal on the exercise bike and swim and hot sauna does help. It gives your body something to hit out at.

The hypnotherapy helps too, although you have to remember to use it when you are in the grip of anxiety. Deep breathing and remembering the image, and using the anchor.

I also have remind myself that there are 150 people a year going through this at this particular hospital a year, that it only takes an hour under the knife, and that I am on an "enhanced recovery scheme".

And I have to remind myself that one day in a few weeks time I will wake up and I will have got used to the new me and everything will be OK. That in a few months time I will sit at the edge of my garden pool with a glass of wine and some friends.

OK that is that for now.

(Written on my Mum's computer in Gloucestershire, and without any image capturing device to allow the inclusion of a pic. Maybe later when I get home.)

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