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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dear Roger Knott-Fayle . . .

"Please attend the Pre-Admission Unit on F floor, west block on Tuesday 15 December at 1400.

You will be examined by the doctor and any necessary tests such as blood samples, X-rays, or ECGs will be undertaken to ensure you are prepared for admission. You will have the opportunity to discuss the details of your operation and hospital stay with the nurse and doctor in the unit. The appointment could take up to four hours depending on tests required."

Letters like this are really frightening in their casual and bald statement of fact.

The letter goes on to tell me that on the day of admission for surgery I should arrive at between 0700 0730 hours and that I will go straight into theatre from the admission lounge.

Lounge? how do they come up with these phrases? Do they think I'm going to be casually lolling about in my slippers reading newspapers and chilling out?

Well at least they didn't start with the words

"We are pleased to inform you . . ."

The heeby jeebies come and go.

My head tells me I will be OK but the primal part of me feels as if it is going to be executed.

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  1. I knew that's how you would describe it - ie that you feel like you are waiting to be executed. I can tell you - I feel like the sister of a man waiting to be executed but the logic says it will be OK and I think it will. Cling to the logic.
    love as usual


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