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Monday, 25 May 2015

Just a quick addendum - 3 companies I think will help you live with a stoma

I don't like to post unless I have something actually useful to say. I feel that I do have something to say that might be useful to anyone who has just had an ileostomy.


In order to get supplies of baggage etc you need a supplier. They will get hold of the things that you need and deal with your prescription etc. The company I use is called Ostomart. I have found them really really helpful. They ring me every so often to check that I'm getting everything I need, they are human, polite and knowledgeble, and often at Christmas they include a box of shortcake with the supplies. A bit of an odd juxtaposition I suppose but I like that. They other day I got a small sweet for no apparent reason!

You can choose your supplier.

I reccmend them, and NO! they didn't pay me to say this. In fact they may not know I've written this.


Obviously one of the most difficult parts of your wardrobe is your pants. There's no getting round that. Now Ostomart (as above) do make some pants but they are not suitable for gentlemen unless you are a snooker player. The best solution I've found (and I admit it's a personal choice) is Comfizz who do some pretty good pants that hold both your bags in order!

No they didn't pay me to say this, in fact they might be surprised to find I reccomend them. But I do.


For me swimming was important. I wanted to get back to it as soon as I could because I like it, it's good for you, and I've met lots of interesting people whilst swimming.

I experimented with various different clothing solutions from high waisters, through bermuda shorts and eventually settling on a triathlon suit. This is THE answer to the sartorial problems of your swimming gear. They are sleek, they look better than speedos anyway, they render your bag almost completely invisible to all but the closest inspection.

They control your bag completely and you can in fact just forget about it. In looking for triathlon suits I've bought many from different places. The problem with them is that they are quite expensive compared to your average bathers. My reccomendation is an eBay shop called raptorsportsuk

No, they didn't pay me, but they did replace a suit whose zip went wrong without quibble and fuss.

In the meantime.

Toodle Pip!


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