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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Just have to say . . .

The journey that starts with guts ache can lead you to embark on new journeys and find out new things. 

Ulcerative colitis changed my life, and I venture many people who read this blog will feel the same. How it changes you is largely (not entirely) up to you?

I wonder if you don't acknowledge your journey, if you have not traveled?

On my particular journey I found a lot of pain and anguish, and I was taken to some frightening places; but there was more.

In the very nadir of fear I stumbled on something that might have helped me earlier if I had only known. It certainly helped me as I faced the knife.

Anyway- my journey continues and this is somewhere it took me. . .


  1. Hi ya...just checking in to see how you are going? All's well I hope - Paula

  2. Paula,

    Hello. Yes everything is good at the moment. I hope all is good for you in Oz. How's it going with Greg Emerson?



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