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Monday, 20 February 2012

Glory of the world

Having something like Ulcerative Colitis by no means a pleasant situation.

My Dad, who died in 2004, used to own a number of Skoda cars, when they were still cars that everyone laughed at. Despite the fact that they were spectacularly cheap, my Dad also loved them for their badly translated user guide.

He would turn, in times of crisis, to the section entitled "Taking the car in tow" which described how to extract the vehicle from the scene of a crash.

This section started with some words to calm you in your moment of anxiety and panic:

"Having a crash is by no means a pleasant situation . . ." My Dad would chortle his way through the paragraphs. "Try not to arrive at red light with screeching brake" it advised in the spirit of prevention.

Is having ulcerative colitis a bit like being issued with a 1980's mud brown Skoda for a gut? Maybe. Maybe we somehow arrived at the red light with "screeching brake".

I have wondered about this in the past, and I'm still not sure.

If you are interested in the plumbing and the stitching, this post will not satisfy you. If you are interested in more than your own belly button in relation to life (and death as well) then maybe you might like to look at this blog entry. It is written by Gloria, who is (amongst many other excellent things) a funeral celebrant (a humanist celebrant).

I'm not in the least pointing towards Gloria because UC and death go together; rather I'm pointing at Gloria's philosophical post because it picks out many things that are relevant to someone with UC

I suggest you get some sewing machine oil and lubricate all the little wheels of your mind before giving it something really nourishing to bite on.

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  1. Many thanks Arkers; I think I really ought to get back to some of the sort of things I was trying to write back then, and a) progress them b) write them better - more clearly. Just at the moment, too many funerals to blog much, but "I'm Gonna Do It All One day...."

    It was your mind/body post that got me going in the first place. Seems to me that a crudely separate view of the relationship between mind and body is very damaging. More anon. Peace be to your mind/body.


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