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Monday, 16 May 2011

Dance Your Own Jig

How does everything fit together?

Do you sometimes feel that your skin doesn’t fit?
That the arms are too long,
or the legs are too short.
That the eye-holes are tight and itch just a bit
That your hands are on backwards,
and your hair’s the wrong sort?

Do not heed to the teasing,
You can fly like a fish.
Do not weep for the wanting,
you're as wise as a stone.

Find the keys you are missing,
Be as big as a beetle.
Wear what you want to,
Be a cat with a bone.

If the words in your heart are friendly and true,
but sharp words come out,
and break at your feet.

If you've looked in a mirror
and a stranger stared back
If outside you are scruffy,
but inside you're neat.

Do not wish to be wanted,
Be as brave as a chicken.
Do not cry if you loose,
Be as bold as a duck.

Don’t hide in the shadow,
Be as bright as a spider.
Play the jazz that you want to,
Break a mirror for luck.

If you once had wings,
but were taught not to fly,
Or a heart like a drum,
too big and too loud,

Or a song in your head,
but were too shy to hum.
Or hate to be part of a crowd.

Never mind what they say,
Sing the song of the lizard.
Do not care who is looking,
Dance the dance of a snail.

Find the words you were seeking
Soar like a pig;
Hear your own fiddle,
And dance your own jig.

(©Roger Knott-Fayle)


  1. I should bloody well think it is copyright! Brilliant. Thanks so much. When are you recording it to the tune I hope you are writing right now?

  2. I keep returning to this, Arkers, and shall seek to direct others hither - it's such an enjoyable and rewarding read.


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