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Monday, 15 March 2010

“Image de corps”

A short film by N Ozzer-Poison

(With subtitles)

Interior. Night. A bedroom somewhere in the attic of a dreaming head.

Dimmed lighting, and the mournful rasp of a horn drifts low from the ancient hi-fi, muted and sinuous on a bed of lilting piano and bass. The camera tracks slowly across the bedroom, over a discarded uniform cast over the back of a chair, coming to rest on some riding boots and sword; silently standing guard.

ARKAYEFF lies, hands behind his head, his attention is focused on the fan that turns relentlessly on the ceiling. He is inscrutable.

The camera is now on the ceiling looking down, through the fan blades.

ARKAYEFF (voice over):
“Basford sanglant”
“Bloody Basford”

PROTO NYMPH enters the room all lacy and see-through, slips under the cover like a velvet cat.
ARKAYEFF turns to look at her, silent for a while then:

Est-il possible que nous soyons dans l'amour ?”
“Is it possible we are in love ?"

PROTO NYMPH looks at ARKAYEFF with knowing eyes; blue gleaming jewels. Unreadable.
“Tous les hommes ont deux choses : Un bâton et un sac”
“All ze men‘ave two fings: A stick and a bag”

ARKAYEFF says nothing but rises from the bed, and in the dull glow of the light from the alarm clock and the radio. ARKAYEFF starts to peel off his shirt and . . .

“Coupe ! C'est désespéré"
"Cut! zis is 'opless"

N Ozzer-Poison is not happy, incandescent with rage he walks out of the room throwing the script on the floor.


  1. a stick and a bag. is the male condition no?

  2. Je pense qui est idée


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