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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Ulcerative colitis is a shit! It robs you of confidence and mobility and more. I am 53 and I have had it since I was 40. This year I have had two mortal scrapes, I don’t plan to have a third.

So after many tortuous hours of soul searching I have finally submitted to the knife. I am going to be disembowelled.

This is the story of that journey.

At the time of writing this post I have simply put in process the chain of events. Now I am in a kind of limbo, next Tuesday I will meet the surgeon and my consultant and the process will start for real.

Yes, I’m scared. I am a big hairy man. I am grown up, I have kids and a wife, I’m not phased by giving a lecture, I have had operations before. But I am scared. There’s no denying that.

Come with me on this journey and maybe we’ll all learn something.


  1. Your writing is amazing and beautiful, thank you for doing this blog.

  2. Thank you for reading and appreciating it. It is good to know that one's voice is heard. Goping to read your blogs now.

  3. Of Gopng is not even a word. I mean Hoping. R

  4. I mean: OF COURSE goping is not even a word. I mean hoping. R

    Must go ad find my glasses.

  5. yep, UC is shit alright...I'm scared all the time and the slightest little pain sends me off into a spin..oh to get rid of thsi UC without having to resort to the knife....will life ever be normal again....sigh...I can but hope

  6. Puala

    There is life after the knife.

    I wish you everything you hope for.


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